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SPG STUDIOS, INC., was founded in 1983, by Helgar Pedrini. Originally, SPG STUDIOS served the ever-growing Hispanic market as a full creative, production and post-production company. Acting as the Hispanic arm of several of the largest advertising agencies in the country, we developed some of the most celebrated Spanish language campaigns for such accounts as Coca Cola, Goodyear, Southwest Airlines, Just Tires, and Bank One.

In the early ’90s HBO introduced HBO Español nationwide, and the demand for post-production increased tenfold. Soon, we were producing the great majority of HBO’s Spanish programming. Due to this sudden increase in demand we constructed four new ADR/recording booths and one Dolby 5.1 mixing stage in a new facility just blocks away from our original home.

Because of our unmatched quality of service and impeccable reputation within the industry, we were soon serving such clients as HBO, Warner Brothers, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Lifetime, Fox, Disney, Discovery, USA Network, BBC Worldwide Americas, and Nickelodeon. Once again we needed to expand our facilities. In addition to more office space, we added an ADR/mixing digital stage and a state-of-the-art theatrical 5.1 Dolby Surround mixing stage.

SPG was the first facility to provide Spanish programming for first run Network television programming. Our clients for this unique service include “The George Lopez Show,” “America’s Most Wanted,” “Kingpin,” “Greetings From Tucson”, “Luis”, etc.

We at SPG STUDIOS have concentrated our efforts fully in the post-production aspect of the entertainment business, providing ADR for theatrical and television projects in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, British English, German, Italian and Castilian Spanish. Our most current foreign theatrical dubs include such movies as Happy Feet, Batman Begins, Get Smart, The Dark Knight, the last five releases of the Harry Potter features, & Inception. We have increased the client bookings of our 5.1 and ADR Stages, where we are presently recording & mixing a wide range of projects for Television & Theatrical releases for both domestic & international distribution.